Pet Parade Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

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Protect your car’s interior with the Pet Parade Waterproof Pet Seat Cover. Made to cover the entire backseat, it keeps your upholstery safe from mud, fur, and even claws and odor—meaning you can take that trip to the dog park on rainy days, and keep your car looking spiffy and new. The universal design adjusts to fit any vehicle, and it features cut-outs so you can still access the seat belts and strap in your furry and human passengers.

Key Benefits
  • Waterproof backseat cover protects your car’s interior from mud, fur, claws, and pet odor.
  • Made from durable oxford cloth that keeps upholstery dry and clean.
  • Large 57-inch x 57-inch design adjusts to fit all vehicles and covers the entire seat.
  • Seat belt cut-outs allow you to access the seatbelt anchors and attach dog harnesses or buckle up passengers.
  • Easy assembly and installs and removes quickly. Choose from three color options to match your car’s interior.

  • DIMENSIONS: 57 x 1 x 57 inches
  • WEIGHT: 1.0 pounds
  • BREED SIZE: All Breeds
  • MATERIAL: Polyester